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5 TRANSITIONAL OUTFITS | Summer to Fall Outfit Ideas

Today I share with you 5 transitional outfit ideas : I love summer to fall outfits, they're all about mix and match! 
All of these outfits are pretty casual and great for day to day wear, but you can very easily dress them up too. Let me know which one was your favorite!

xx Rania


3:27:00 PM

15 FACTS ABOUT ME | Long Distance Relationship, Veganism & more

Hi guys, today I share you with you some facts about me/kind of a get to know me a bit better video :) Of course if you have a...

9:28:00 PM

MY EVENING ROUTINE | Rania Kelesidou

Evening Routine | Get Unready With Me : Today I share with you my night routine but the kind of 'pampering' version. Wha...


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